At the moment, life is messy. When I get down, I get ‘busy’ and need to take a bit of brain space. If I took my own advice, things mightn’t get so ‘busy’.

Thanks to the lovely Tash over at La Chascona, I am going to take stock of my mind and get back to basics.

Making: A wall hanging for my bedroom
Reading: “Psychology: An International Discipline in Context” – uni of course. This session I’m studying  ‘Social Psychology’, ‘Motivation and Emotion’, ‘Personality’ and ‘Writing and Scholarship for Psychology’.
Wanting: A new handbag, why is it so hard to get the right size?! (Edit: thanks Colette!)546106
Looking: at party ideas on Pinterest. Birthdays are very hard to plan, especially when the bestie isn’t going to be there
Deciding: on what to do about uni. Uni is hard, and I don’t seem to like it at the moment – do I stick with it? Well, what else would I be doing? I guess I could find an office job. Maybe drop psychology and become an astronomer? Maybe I should invest in a social life at the same time?
Enjoying: The warmth of the hot water bottle on my lap!
Waiting: For motivation to study, it’s not like exams are close – it can wait
Liking: Marc Jacobs’ Dot Perfumes1450592-main-zoom
Loving: Family time
Pondering: If a new haircut is a wise idea
Watching: The 5pm news
Marvelling: At the world God has created for us to enjoy
Cringing: Demi Lovato’s new song ‘Cool for the Summer’
Needing: A blood test, why must it be so hard to find blood?
Smelling: The smoke from our fireplace
Following: the newly wed Mrs Telban
Noticing: How much energy I use in a single day
Knowing: That God has a plan for my life
Thinking: I wish I knew if I’m on the right track
Admiring: The beauty of a clean office deskmac-glasses Sorting: Uni paperwork
Bookmarking: New blogs to follow, most recently Jacky
Coveting: Independence
Disliking: the smell of B.O.
Giggling: Over ‘Kid Theater with Channing Tatum’ on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Feeling: Hot, sore, tired
Snacking: Tim tams! Aussie favourite over here!
Hearing: The washing machine on ‘spin’

If you are interested in seeing the original version of this post go here.


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